Simple Ways of Automation

PTS Schwaz - Mechatronics Engineers 2016/17


In the course of the worldwide trend to automate technical processes more and more jobs, especially in developing countries, get under pressure - with fatal effects. Within our project "Simple Ways of Automation" we want to show that everybody is able to build automated systems on his/her own - affordable, with simple tools, ecofriendly and autonmous.

Planting Machine

With this simple planting machine you can fill up pots with soil and seeds. The pots bowl along the conveyer belt and three ultrasonic sensors open the soil and seed tanks at the right time to fill them up. At the end a simple water pump also conected with a ultrasonic sensor waters the pots.

Color Sorting Machine

Metal Sorting Machine

With this simple machine you can sort out metal objects out of mixed garbage running along a conveyer band. The robotic arm with a self-made electromagnet on its top sorts them out. The arm consists of two cheap modelmaking motors, a re-used aluminum pole and is controlled by a cheap Raspberry Pi.

Building Process